Go Go Runner


July 12, 2012 by Carin

Tonight I loaded the kids in the car, picked up some sandwiches from Jason’s Deli, picked up my  husband in Eden Prairie and headed to Savage for my husband’s first of three Endless Summer Trail Race presented my TC Running Company (our favorite running store!) .  While this wasn’t a huge deal in our household, it is the first time this summer our kids have been to one of our races.  We have been talking with Grace for weeks about why we go out for long Saturday morning runs and how I am training for a big race at the end of the summer.   She is excited to run with us, she will wear her running clothes and “fast shoes” so she can be just like us.  She is one proud three year old.

So going to a small trail race to see Daddy a few times while he ran wasn’t a big deal.  The kids ran around the finish area, rang a cow bell, cheered for the runners and put out their hands out for high fives.  But what happened during the cheering is what made me so proud.  You see, Grace has been all about winning these days.  Anything she can win at, she tries.  Be it finishing a meal before her brother, running to the house, going up the basement steps faster than her brother or being the first to make it to the castle in Candy Land.  We try to tell her that not everything is about winning, but at three years old everything is about winning, not necessarily losing, but definitely winning.

So while cheering on the runners, Grace was not content to see the front runners finish or her Daddy, she wanted to stay till the very end and see all the runners finish.  She found herself an empty bucket turned upside down and planted her little bottom on it, she put her arms up in the air and cheering as loud as she could, she chanted “Go Go Runners” as they crossed the finish line.  I wish I would have had a camera out to capture her delight in seeing everyone finish the race.   I know that it probably didn’t compute to her that there was a winner, but to her anyone that was crossing that line was a winner (as they well are!).

A good life lesson that I hope we can draw on when things come down to the disappointment of losing when it seems like winning is the only important thin.  Everyone who tries can be a winner, even if they aren’t the person who crosses the finish line first, touches the house first or eats the last bite of dinner first.  Winning is important, being competitive is important and we love that about her but she will not always be and cannot always be the winner.  Having a supportive and good attitude about the first through the last to cross that finish line is important as well.  Being a competitive, supportive athlete is what I got a little peek at tonight and it made me really proud.

2 thoughts on “Go Go Runner

  1. Jen H says:

    Love it! That is definitely a moment to remember.

  2. Sarah Dass says:

    That is so heart warming!!! You should feel proud and I am sure adults and children could learn from Grace in that moment!

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