Oh Baby :)

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August 1, 2012 by Gina

My baby’s beautiful profile in 3D!

Yesterday, I had my 20-week ultrasound with this baby.  I always get excited and a bit anxious whenever I have an ultrasound (or even regular OB) appointment.  I’m anxious until I see the baby moving on the video screen or hear a heartbeat reassuring me that the baby is healthy.  Until you can feel your baby kicking, these first weeks of pregnancy give no warning or reassurance – you simply don’t know if your baby is okay or not.  That is always so worrying for me and I am generally not a worrier (unlike my mother who worries about everything).  So yesterday, during the ultrasound, it was great to see Baby Cork (as we call all our babies) kicking its tiny feet, moving its arms and squirming around.

Since I’m advanced maternal age, I have a level II ultrasound during every pregnancy where the ultrasound is longer and the medical staff really look at all of the baby parts in detail – heart, kidneys, stomach, umbilical cord, brain, nasal bone.  It never gets old seeing your baby during an ultrasound (this is my second with this pregnancy), but after seeing that little profile and hearing the heartbeat, I am always happy.  The ultrasound pictures, despite being reassuring and fun, always make me think that they could put anybody’s baby up on the monitor.  They all look the same to me.  Heck, it could be a squirrel or something.  I can always only pick out the obvious feet, hands, legs, arms and head.  The stomach and brain even look similar until pointed out to our untrained eyes.  But this ultrasound picture just happens to be my baby and that is a joy!

Although this is my third baby and I’ve had countless ultrasounds between the three pregnancies, I’ve never seen a 3D image of my baby.  I did yesterday and it was really cool!  It also looked a bit alien when the technician tried to get a better view – I mean really alien as she turned and twisted the image.  The appointment is about an hour just for the ultrasound and then a wait for the perinatalogist.  At the end of the appointment, when the perinatalogist came in, I received the words every mother wants to hear, “You’re baby looks completely normal”.  Of course, they can’t guarantee anything but knowing nothing obvious is present is wonderful news!

The baby’s arms in front of the face

Both the physician and the ultrasound technician asked me about five times total if I wanted to know the gender of the baby.  I responded “no thank you” each time.  Maybe they just wanted to be sure about my answer.  I would definitely find out if there were four or five options of gender but there are only two!  It’s one or the other and I have no control over it.  We have two adorable boys so I think people think we are dying to know if we have a little girl in there.  Of course we’d be thrilled with a baby girl, but we’ll be just as thrilled with a happy, healthy little boy.  I’d rather wait and be pleasantly surprised when the baby arrives.  There are so few GOOD surprises in your life.  Usually you find our suddenly that someone you know died or you are diagnosed with cancer or some other disease.  Surprises don’t tend to be pleasant but this is an exception and I love finding out when the baby makes its debut into the world.

Brian was excited to see the ultrasound pictures when I arrived back home (he was taking care of the boys) and even Finn was excited to see the baby.  Park Nicollet also gave me a USB drive with the pictures electronically!  I’ll post one in a few hours but don’t have it with me at the moment (out-of-town).  So as the baby grows (11 ounces was the estimate yesterday – a bit smaller than a pop can) and my belly grows, it’s reassuring to know the baby is developing and looks healthy.  I’m at least halfway through the pregnancy and it won’t be too long before we’ll meet our little peanut!

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