Mind over Pain


August 2, 2012 by Carin

The last time I wrote about my marathon training was when I was four weeks into the program.  I am now four weeks from the end and the end being the Women Rock Marathon.   And then I will run the Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon five weeks later.  Yes, a second marathon and yes I didn’t tell you guys about it.  Some might say I am crazy for doing two so close together and I just might be, but my husband convinced me that this year is the right year to do it.  I will be trained and in shape to run the second race without having to do much more preparation for it.  Running Twin Cities only extends my training by 4 weeks, not bad for a second marathon in one year.   I will probably take the whole following week after the Women Rock to recover and then pick up my training plan 4 weeks out from Twin Cities with probably some adjustments to account for leg and body fatigue.  So call me crazy, I can handle it!

So how is my training going?  Awesome!!  I have done all but 1 or 2 of my training runs and I have modified a few during a period when I was under the weather or suffering from allergies.  Who knows what that period was about?  I have thrown myself into my training and followed it closely because I know that if I let myself slip a few times, I would be giving myself permission to skip runs,  which I have done in the past.  During my training in past years  when the miles got tough I let myself drop a run each week because I had convinced myself that my body could only handle 4 runs a week, a case of giving myself permission and not doing the work needed resulted in not reaching my goals which equaled a poor time.   So this time around I have stuck to the plan.  Some weeks I am only running 4 days a week, but that is what the schedule says, so I do it.  I also never imagined I could run three 20 mile runs before the actual race, but this Saturday I will be going out for my third 20+ miler.  I have that much confidence in my training plan that I will do it and enjoy it.  Maybe enjoy the victory more afterwards then during, but definitely afterwards!  But the satisfaction that I will complete those miles will make me more confident to go out on marathon day and push myself to the limit and experience some pain to achieve my goal of setting a personal record (PR).

The 4:00:10 has been hanging over my head since 2005 and I am ready to break the four hour mark that I have been chasing down since my first marathon in 1999.  Yes, that long!  I have run 10 marathons and in 12 years and I want that PR.  I am ready for it!

I have been reading Chrissie Wellington’s book A Life Without Limits.   She is a four time World Champion Triathlete and in her book she talks about the mental strength it takes to overcome the pain you will feel when pushing the limits of your body to achieve your goals and dreams.  I have been doing a lot of self-talk telling myself that I will become uncomfortable and I might be in pain, but to achieve my goals that is what it is going to take.  I will need to push my comfort zone way out and run hard.  Now I am not talking running way beyond my normal pace, but hanging on to my race pace for the entire race and not letting up when I start to feel uncomfortable.  I have been telling myself that I need to be uncomfortable to break that 4 hour barrier.

Come September 1st, I will be out on the course in St. Paul, MN pushing myself to my limit.  Pushing beyond what my mind thinks I can do and putting a lot of trust in my training.  I have trained harder for this then I have training for any other marathon and that 4 hour mark will be broken, I can see it in my mind.

What have you been training for this summer?  What have you been working to accomplish?

2 thoughts on “Mind over Pain

  1. I’m so excited for you! Your training will definitely pay off – both physically and mentally. I can wait to cheer you on!!

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