Adventure Friday {8.03.12}

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August 3, 2012 by Carin

This past Wednesday, my husband had his second trail race at Hyland Lake Park Reserve in Bloomington.  This was the first time I had ever been there, but I did have the Hyland Play Area on my summer “Adventure Friday To Do List”.  I had looked at it online and it looked like it would be a lot of fun.  Early this summer they complete an expansion of the play area that included adding another play structure.  This play area has five play structures that range from the toddler set to the pre-teen kids.  Each play structure has an age appropriate recommendation on it.  Though if you have a very adventurous child or one that loves to climb, those age recommendations don’t mean much.   There is also a small section with three sprinklers for cooling off, a climbing ropes course, a few small rock climbing walls, tire swings and a sand box.  Across from the play area is the Visitor Center that houses restrooms and a small concession stand.

The play area is also multiple levels so it is less spread out then if it was on a completely flat area, which is nice when you have multiple kids you are trying to keep an eye on.  The majority of the play area is also covered in a soft, rubber surface that has some squishiness to it.  I loved that because Myles was intent on walking or rather climbing up and down a steep hill and then walking back down; he repeated this process several times in a row till he mastered walking up and down the incline.  With the surface being soft, I didn’t have to fret about him falling hard and getting too hurt.

We were there at 6:30 on a Wednesday evening and it was not crowded.  I am guessing that during it could get quite crazy, but well worth it if your kids need to blow off some steam.  The play area and surround park has several benches and picnic tables for enjoying a picnic meal or snack after the kids wear themselves out playing.

Hyland Lake Park Reserve is a huge park and we will be returning to explore the play area and the surrounding park a lot more.  It has several paved and unpaved trails, a nature center, disc golf, fishing pier, but most of all it has a lot of green space to explore and enjoy.  The play area being a huge bonus!

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