What I Want My Girls To Know About Me

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August 13, 2012 by Melissa

I’ve recently had a birthday and I turned a number divisible by 5. Ok, I turned 35. This is the first birthday I’ve had where it made me a little anxious at how quickly time is going by me. As I’ve been thinking about my life and remembering pieces of my past, I decided to write down a few things that I want my daughters to know about me. I may forget to tell them these things but I think it’s a good way to round out their view of me and it keeps me in the mind of letting them experience things, no matter how scary it may be for me as their mom.

1. I met their dad when I was 17 and he was 16 and we’ve been side-by-side ever since. He is my greatest friend in the world. True love can happen young.

2. I have a tattoo and I love it. I’ve never regretted getting it and it’s been over 15 years. I will be getting more…

3. I had fabulous and extremely bright pink hair for a semester in college. It was so obnoxious that a professor told me to where a hat to class as it was distracting. I loved it.

4. We would not have met you, Alice, had it not been for a heart wrenching miscarriage before we got pregnant with you.

5. I played hockey in junior high and high school. I loved it and was really good at it after much practice. I even got to try out (very preliminarily) for the first women’s olympic hockey team.

6. I’ve never not voted on election day. Many many people fought long and hard for me to have this right and I owe it to them and to you to be informed and go vote.

7. I’ve never been ashamed to be smart. I thought it was great when I was the only one raising my hand in class. I’m a nerd and proud of it.

8. Beauty and fashion didn’t bring me friends. I never had either and I have great and amazing friends and the man I love that I’ve had since high school…when I had a unibrow, braces, and was into grunge.

9. I once farted loudly and repeatedly on a wrestling mat in 7th grade gym as I tried my hardest to get the required sit-ups in the presidential fitness program. One poor girl even was holding my feet, but I kept going and got a good number. I was embarrassed as hell but went on with my day and it’s a hilarious story to tell today.

10. I was a worrisome kid. I worried about everything all the time. I didn’t sleep well. I was anxious. I’m not that way anymore.

11. I’m a great thank-you note writer and I love doing it. I’m a grateful person and I want to make sure everyone knows it.

12. I’m a hard worker, a conscientious employee, and an attentive boss.

13. I interrupt a lot. I’m working on that.

14. I love you two in ways and amounts that are astounding to me. I hope I never give you cause to doubt that.


What pieces of your lives do you hope your children know about you? Have you written them down? How else do you want your kids to know that you are more than their mom?

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