What are you afraid of?


August 23, 2012 by Carin

It is not that bad!  It is unnerving, a little scary even.  I am talking to the guys (or your husband) about getting a vasectomy.

This is the first guest post from Carin’s husband Brian.  Carin and I have a running tally of the different stories we hear about guys who refuse to do it, fight it, struggle with it, etc.  I find all the different stories pretty amusing.  I will admit, they generally come through Carin as guys are not likely to talk about this stuff.

Frankly, I was kind of excited to get it done.  I actually have suggested many a time that hospital should offer a package deal – When you have child number two or three or whenever you are done; while you have the hospital room, once the baby is healthy they should roll in an operating table for Dad and take care of it right then.

For those of you who are protesting, I will say it again – It is not that bad.  You do have to shave, which is a new experience.  I just hoped my doctor’s hands were more steady than mine!  I went to the Park Nicollet Clinic in Eden Prairie for a morning appointment.  I recommend this as it was easy and quick.  There was an option to go to the Surgery Center at Methodist, but that seemed more complicated.  At the clinic I saw the same doctor for every consult and the procedure.

I had my vasectomy in November of last year.  The doctor told me at the consult that as long as I did not want Vicadin, I could drive myself home, so that was the plan.  I knew Carin was available if needed.  The whole thing took about 45 minutes.  They get you set up on the table, do a local anesthetic and get rolling.  The nurse started asking me a few questions and the next thing I knew there was smoke floating into the air as the doc cauterized the first incision.  That is when I realized it was moving quickly and this was the real deal.  They moved to the second incision, a little more smoke, and then put in a couple stitches.

I drove home, got the ice and lay down on the couch.  I certainly was a little tender, but overall felt pretty good.  Carin got home with the kids a little bit later and I felt so good I got up to help make lunch.  The worst of it kicked in about 10 minutes later.  I had not realized the anesthetic was still working and all of a sudden I felt like I got kicked and punched in the gut at the same time.  I just looked at Carin and told her I was going to lie down!  I took some Advil and spent most of the day on the couch until dinner.  From there things were pretty good.  Advil for another day or two and then just some discomfort from time to time.

Here is the one thing I would do differently.  My doc suggested doing it on a Monday and then I could go back to work Tuesday.  His theory was that I am more active at home than at work.  This basically worked out, but I would say it is fair to buy yourself a day on the couch.  Do it on a Friday during football season and have Saturday to recover on the couch.

Hopefully this provides a little insight.  In the end, just get it done, your wife went through giving birth, this is nothing compared to that.


One thought on “What are you afraid of?

  1. doug.s says:

    Telling you to get it on a Monday was lunacy. Your advice about the Friday snip is spot on. My doc did all of his on Fridays, and I think that is wise.

    Don’t wait! Join the team! You won’t regret getting it, but you might regret waiting (d’oh!) 🙂

    I’ve made some shirts for the team, check them out and let me know what you think…


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