Confession Tuesday {8.28.12}

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August 28, 2012 by Melissa

I think a lot of parents could write this confession so let me know if this is true for you and if you’ve done anything about it that worked. 

I feel like I check or am on my smartphone/computer way too much during the course of any given day. It’s just too easy to be connected these days and some days it’s my only connection to other adults in my life. That’s how I justify it anyway. But do I need to check Facebook more than once a day?Absolutely not. Email? No. 

I already have enacted rules for myself: only responding to emails while I’m rocking my baby girl to sleep or during naps, having the noise notifications off during the day so I’m not tempted (although I then miss all phone calls), and we don’t allow anyone to have phones at the dining table while we’re eating.

I just am too tempted to “quickly” check my phone and that’s inevitably when Lucy has a question for me or is talking to me about something and I find myself saying “just a second, please” and seeing THAT look on her face. Disappointment and frustration that my phone is taking priority. Will it be any wonder when she, one day, will be glued to her own phone, ignoring me?

Have you figured this out? What do you do? Do you “sacrifice” being connected or do you have a great way of wording it to your family?

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