Looking forward to next summer!

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August 30, 2012 by Carin

Summer is coming to a close this weekend.  It’s hard to believe it is Labor Day weekend, it feels like we just kicked summer off with Memorial Weekend.  How do the weeks pass by so quickly when the days seem to drag on!?  But here we are getting ready to head to Pre-school and ECFE in a few weeks.  I have had some time to reflect on our summer.  It has been a fun summer.  I look forward to each summer going forward being more fun than the previous one.  As the kids get older, we will do more and experience more during our summer months.  With that in mind, I have learned a few things that will hopefully make our next summer’s better and easier on me.

Here are a few things I have learned:

  1. Have more of a schedule.  I have to do a better job of finding and sticking to a few scheduled activities a week.  Even if that means a weekly story time at local bookstore or library, a play date, lunch with a grandma, or a weekly craft project at a local store.
  2. Find a day camp for the older kiddo.  This would help get Grace out of the house to spend some time free of her little brother and mom.  She would get to spend some time meeting new kids, learning new skills and having fun experiences.  I need to put this on my calendar during the late winter to assure I look and find a camp or two for her.
  3. Get out to more parks.  Getting to the park was a lot of work in the early spring/summer this year.  Myles was just learning to walk and wasn’t interested in being at the park.  Finally, he loves the park.  He will go down the slides on his own and climb what he can.  Now points to the park when we are out on a walk and gets so excited.  So next year, exploring new parks will be on the list.  Hopefully we can make this a weekly event to keep our days interesting.
  4. Get to the beach/pool more often.   Both kids love, LOVE the water!   Grace’s #1 request all summer is to go to the pool and everyday (except weekends) I tell her no. I have been a little anxious about going to the beach or gym pool alone with both kids, so I have not done it.  With a three and one year old both going different directions in everything they do together, the beach/pool alone just didn’t feel right to me.  But next summer, I am hoping both kids will take direction better which will in turn mean we can do more swimming.
  5. Make a summer must To Do list.  Anything we want to do goes on the list.  Maybe those activities get completed and maybe they don’t, but we will work to get a lot of our list completed.  The activities can range from camping in the backyard to a road trip up north, whatever we as a family come up.

Now I have a focus for next summer and I am already looking forward to our free time.  I learned a lot this summer about having two mobile kids running around and most days having no idea what we were going to do that day.  Some days I winged it and we had fun and other days the kids got bored or weren’t thrilled with my choice.  Also, having two kids talking by next summer will make it easier to come to some agreement with input from both of them as to what they want to do.  This summer most days Grace and I discussed what we were going to do without any inkling as to what Myles would want to do.  I know at 1 years old he doesn’t really have an opinion, but one thing is for sure, you definitely know when he doesn’t like something!

Starting this winter I think I will need to start working on activities for #5 on the above list.  As the kids mention something, on the list it goes. As we find out about a cool park in the area, on a park list it will go.  And so on.  I am hoping that with a little planning, next summer will be even more fun and filled with less frustration on my end.  No more “What are we going to do today” as I stare at the clock as ticks toward 9am!


What have you learned from your past summers at home with your kids?  Any tips you want to share?  What am I forgetting?

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