Adventure Friday – Labor Day Adventure 2012

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August 31, 2012 by Gina

It’s one of our last adventures as summer comes to a close (unofficially) and the routines begin again – school, preschool, fall sports and other activities.  You name it, we’re all going to have more on our schedules now that summer is drawing to a close.

So, before those schedules start in earnest and this baby arrives, we’re undertaking one last big adventure – this time a road-trip to Madison and Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  We are stopping in Madison on the way to Milwaukee to see some dear, old friends (my freshman college roommate at Gonzaga University 20 years ago who is one of my closest friends) and then we’ll continue onto Milwaukee to visit Brian’s sister and her family.  We love Madison but we’ll probably just spend our time with our friends and hanging out.  We haven’t seen each other for a year so we know the time will be well spent!

We haven’t been to Milwaukee in five years and we don’t have any plans!  We’re leaving all the decisions up to Brian’s sister and we’ll be surprised by whatever we do.  I know Milwaukee is full of fun things to do for families, including the Milwaukee County Zoo, the Domes, Miller Brewery, Harley Davidson and more.  But, all we’ve done is pack the “new” car and head east.

By the way, we bought a 2012 used Mazda 5 for our new family vehicle.  We’ve had it for 3 weeks and so far we really like it!  It drives really well and it isn’t so large as a minivan or SUV/crossover.  The one downside – not much cargo space, but we knew that when we bought it.  On a daily basis we don’t need much cargo space.  We just need to haul three kids around the Twin Cities.  It fits the double stroller with room for some groceries or other bags.  That’s about all we need.  This road trip/adventure will give us an idea if we can pack for a long weekend in a limited amount of space.  Of course, we’re used to packing well – the Fit was small but I LOVED it.  Maybe we’ll just make the kids dress in layers and that way we don’t have to use up much cargo space – they can wear their luggage!

Have a great Labor Day and look for something new in the coming Fridays!  Any suggestions or things you’d like to read about?

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