Summer ends…unofficially

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September 5, 2012 by Gina

All the posts on Facebook yesterday and the last week or so got me thinking about the unofficial end to summer…when school begins each year.  For most students in Minnesota, school started yesterday and everyone was posting pictures of their children’s first day of kindergarten or fifth grade.  While I don’t have school-age children yet, it always feels like fall when school begins.  The school buses reappear on city streets, kids run to the corner to wait for their bus and all the fall activities start again.  The days get shorter and the weather cools down.

All this activity and change in seasons made me realize I hadn’t signed my kids up for their usual activities.  So, I called the Early Childhood and Family Education (ECFE) office to sign Getty up for a class (his first at the tender age of 15 months).  I’ve done ECFE with my kids since Finn was four months old and it has been a lifesaver.  The focus is on development for the children and parenting skills for us parents.  I’ve made great friends through ECFE and met amazing educators.  I’m looking forward to doing these classes with Getty.

I also signed Finn up for gymnastics at Northwest Gymnastics Academy.  He’ll be a mini-mite this year and he is SO excited to see Samir, the owner and instructor.  He keeps telling me he is going to tell Samir he can do a somersault by himself!  Finn is extremely verbal and has been since about 14 months.  But he wasn’t as advanced in his motor skills so at 18 months I signed him up for gymnastics and he has been jumping, running, rolling and everything else since then.  It’s been really good for his development.

Although Finn could go to preschool this year, I opted not to sign him up.  I work every Monday and he gets a full day of preschool at his childcare center.  They are very structured, all certified teachers and skill-oriented.  I’ll sign him up for preschool next fall when he’s four.  Many of his “peers” are attending preschool 2-3 times a week but I want to keep some time unscheduled for him to do playdates or other spur of the moment things.

I know we aren’t as busy as we will be in a few years when our kids start going to school and I’m glad we have some time and flexibility in our schedules.  But it seems like the summer is ending and fall is here.  I wouldn’t mind except I know winter is around the corner.  We’ll be soaking up these last bits of good weather!


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