Alvin, Simon and Theodore they were not!

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September 13, 2012 by Carin

It is fall and that can only mean one thing…well several to be exact.  But around our house it means that that the squirrels and chipmunks are getting ready for winter.  Now mind you we live 10 minutes from downtown Minneapolis, we have wildlife of the normal city kind, nothing crazy or too out there.   What does this have to do with me and my family?  Well when the chipmunks start coming into my home, then it is my problem and they aren’t so cute anymore.  This all started the Thursday before Labor Day weekend.  Brian and Grace were doing a puzzle in the basement before bedtime and they heard the dreaded sound of a small animal on the drop ceiling tiles.  Not our first time at the rodeo with vermin up in the drop ceiling….we had an unpleasant mouse situation last winter.   Okay, set some traps and seal up the intruder’s entrance into our home and we won’t have a problem any longer.  Easier said than done!!

A few days go by and it is now the Saturday before Labor Day.  I had run my marathon that day and I was excited to get home and eat the pork shoulder I had placed in the crockpot that morning.  I was beyond hungry and just wanted a darn pulled pork sandwich and a nap.  So in I walk with Myles on my hip with my mother-in-law and mother right behind me.  I head for the kitchen table to put Myles in his booster seat to eat his super healthy McDonalds lunch (it was a treat lunch kind of day!) when I look down and see a chipmunk frozen with fear sitting on the chair next to Myles’.   I froze and proceeded to calmly tell the others that a chipmunk was at the table.  I asked my mom to quietly and slowly grab a mixing bowl out of the cupboard, because I figured it would be SUPER easy to catch the little shit, who by the way had been snacking on our fresh peaches that were on the table.   Well, I was so wrong.  That little vermin was FAST!

Brian and my sister then came in the house and the game was on.  He was all over the house and we were foolishly chasing him around with bowls and brooms trying to catch him.  The tired and soreness I had been experiencing was replaced with an adrenaline rush trying to catch a red haired little chipmunk…chippy as I call them now.  He was all over the place; under the couch, up the curtains, up the couch, in every nook and cranny he could get to.  While doing all this, the kids were perched at the kitchen table watching their crazed parents run around the house trying to catch the chippy.  He literally flew down the basement stairs and back up the pipe he came down to the ceiling above.  Defeat!   Naively I thought we would never see or hear from him again due to the loud and rambunctious chase he encountered.  Ha Ha Ha, we had no such luck!

The weekend ended with us finding three more chipmunks on three separate occasions perched at the kitchen table.  Each chippy encountered a chase that lead them back to the great outdoors that is our yard.  We gave up trying to catch and or trap the chippies and were happy enough with them out of our house.  We sealed up their entrance which they are not very happy about as each morning they have tried to get back into their burro.  But too bad, they will have to find a new home, preferable at the neighbor’s house!

Tell us, have you had any unwelcome guests in your home lately?

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