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September 17, 2012 by Melissa

Happy Monday! We are quickly approaching the 1 year anniversary of our blog here at More Than Mamas. I can’t believe it! So this week we’ll be posting some updates about ourselves and previous posts. Next week we’ll be taking a vacation as we retool our site and the blog itself then will be back here on Monday, October 1.

Some of my updates:

As per the roller derby post, I’ve come up with a brilliant name: Malice in Wonderland. What do you think?

My summer reading list is still a work in progress. The library has been inundated with requests for a few of the titles on my list so haven’t even opened a few of them.  I did finish the Jenny Lawson book (awesome), Bossypants by Tina Fey (she’s my hero), Wild by Cheryl Strayed (oh my god, read it now), and am halfway through Middlemarch (everything it should be so far-perfect). I just started American Way of Eating and it’s extremely interesting thus far. Have yet to receive And So It Goes (about Kurt Vonnegut), Chemistry of Tears or Homemade Pantry. I did start Suddenly, A Knock at the Door but couldn’t get into it. A book for another time in my life, I think. When there’s a first snowfall, I’ll create my winter reading list. Do give me some recommendations.

Finally, I did get my cortizone shot in my wrist a few months ago and I’m all better, thank goodness. That was a rough go and I’m so glad my doctors figured it out and were able to fix it. I appreciate all of you who sent me words of encouragement-thank you.


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