Confession Tuesday Updates-Melissa

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September 18, 2012 by Melissa

I do have a new confession to touch on and then will update you all on a few past confessions. My new one is about Alice. She is less than two weeks away from turning one and we still rock her to sleep. We’ve tried everything to get her to put herself to sleep including, this week, crying it out. The crying it out did not go well. She cried so hard after 3 minutes that she threw up. Next day same thing. So we’re not doing that again. Although last night we just layed down on the floor of her room while she was in her crib and she put herself out in a few minutes so that may be what we’ll do for a while and slowly move ourselves closer to the hall. She apparently needs that so we’re following her lead. This gentle approach sits better with us anyways.

Now for updates. A while ago I wrote a piece about not always washing my vegies. Boy did I get some feedback on that one! So I’m telling you now that I now wash my fruits and vegies the vast majority of the time. No, not all the time, but it is a work in progress and it’s better then it was.

I also wrote about Lucy swearing. She hasn’t done it since although she did say “What the heck?” yesterday while her shoe got stuck on something. Not terrible I know, but not incredibly enlightened, either.

Any confessions I didn’t update that you’d like me or Carin or Gina to touch on? Let us know! We depend on you all for feedback!

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