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September 19, 2012 by Gina

It’s update week at “More than Mamas” and that means I need to update all of you on a few things in my life.

One of my first posts was about reducing in 2012.  How am I doing so far?  I think I’m doing pretty well, especially in the shopping for new clothes category.  Apparently, some readers (my family included) were really surprised at this goal – no new clothes in 2012.  I had a lapse around Mother’s Day and bought myself some new yoga/work out clothes at Athleta (dangerous) and also bought a few maternity items (I didn’t have any maternity shorts).  But, it’s almost the end of September and I think I’ve spent a total of $200 on new clothes with those few exceptions to my rule.  Not bad!  We have used more coupons but haven’t been as vigilant about using the websites I talked about in the post.  We as a family are just more aware of what we are buying and buying things that can be frozen when they are on sale (i.e. – by one, get one on chicken breasts, etc).  We are still using paper products since Brian seems to have an aversion to cloth napkins which I don’t quite get.  But, we are using re-useable sandwich bags and wraps as much as possible.  All in all, we are on the right track!

In another post I talked about whether or not to join a gym.  It had been about 10 years since I joined a gym and had some hesitations about whether or not it would be worth it.  Well, I joined the YMCA which is just a few miles from our house and have definitely gotten my monthly member fee out of it!  I’m loving all the classes – yoga, pilates, bodyflow and bodypump – and having two hours of childcare a day while I work out is terrific!  My kids love going there and I have even just taken them there and read a magazine or book, especially if Brian has been out-of-town for a few days.

There is one post that I have referred to over and over again throughout the last year and that is my favorite gluten-free products.  Over this year (and over the last 10 years), many friends or family members have asked me about celiac disease and gluten-free food choices when they have been newly diagnosed or had someone close to them diagnosed and now on a gluten-free diet.  Do I have any new favorites?  I love eating out and having good gluten-free food and many restaurants in Minneapolis/St. Paul now carry gluten-free items.  I love Davanni’s gluten-free pizza and the Blue Plate restaurants (Edina Grill, 3 Squares) have great choices.  In Madison, Wisconsin my friend introduced me to Bloom cupcakes and their gluten-free cupcakes were simply AMAZING!  You couldn’t tell they were GF at all!

Lastly, on the baby front, I’m 27 weeks today and it’s still hard to believe we’ll be outnumbered in a few short weeks.  In preparation, we’ve purchased a “new” car – a used 2012 Mazda5 which is a mini-mini-van.  We’ve had it for a month and love it so far.  It doesn’t have a lot of cargo space but gets decent gas mileage and isn’t a huge leap from my Honda Fit, which I LOVED.  I’m feeling good, but tired, and am looking forward to meeting this little boy or girl.  Finn thinks the baby is for SURE his baby sister and for months, he insisted we name her Alice.  I have no feeling either way if it’s a boy or girl, but if you have any name suggestions for boys, send them my way!  Now, we just need to move Getty into Finn’s room to make room in the nursery and prepare for months of sleeplessness!

Anything else you’re curious about – my Daisy Blue business, my painted table, or organization?  Trust me, the organizing has reached a fever pitch as this baby approaches!  See you on Friday for “Friday Food” and let me know if you have any feedback!  Thanks for reading!


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