The Minimalist Challenge


October 1, 2012 by Melissa

Hello! Hope you all had a lovely week last week as we took some time off to celebrate our 1 year bloggiversary and to retool ourselves and More Than Mamas. Welcome to the new site! We won’t be writing as often (3 times per week vs 5) but will be keeping our themed Fridays and will try to have Confessions here and there but we are running out of things to confess to that are interesting. If you have a confession, do let us know, we LOVE guest posts.

Anyways, a few weeks ago my husband told me about this movement of people trying to scale back their possessions to just 100 items. I was intrigued. We started discussing what that would mean. Do things like dishes, toiletries, appliances count? What about things that every member of the household uses? Does my wallet count as one or is it the sum of all the items in it? Interesting conversations have been had around her. I like this idea because I’m becoming more and more minimalist as I get older and feel we have too many things as it is, despite my being on top of clutter (we have very little storage space). So I decided to put some thought into a list of my own. I was pretty severe with myself. I wanted a challenge and I wanted to see if I could do it. I didn’t include disposable items and after having things like photo albums and address books on the list, I took them off thinking I could scan images/info in to my computer for safekeeping.

Those who know me best will notice right away that I don’t have any books on this list. That was the thing that I struggled with the most. I love my books but do I absolutely need a physical reminder of what I’ve read? I have a library card in my wallet, a kindle, and my smartphone on my list-all of which could get me almost any reading material I would want or need.

Don’t worry, I’m not actually going down to 100 possessions but it is refreshing to know what is important and what I could do without if necessary. I could even do without most of the things on my list but I wouldn’t want to for very long. I’m sure I’m forgetting some important things so I’ll update this as I need to. What would your list look like?

1. wallet

2. phone (charger included)

3. insulin pump (supplies included)

4. blood glucose meter (supplies included)

5. toothbrush

6. comb

7. wedding ring

8. pillow

9. comforter

10. bath towel

11. bath towel

12. kindle (charger included)

13. laptop

14. fridge

15. stove

16. washer

17. dryer

18. cup

19. mug

20. coffee maker

21. cereal bowl

22. dinner plate

23. spoon

24. fork

25. butter knife

26. chef’s knife

27. mixing bowl

28. measuring cup

29. spatula

30. sauce pan

31. frying pan

32. measuring spoon (set)

33. car

34. bed

35. dining table (and chairs)

36-40. underwear

41-43. bras

44. workout pants (will also sleep in)

45. coat

46-48. shoes (I realize I’m an outlier here; I just need tennis shoes, comfy slip ons, and a pair of dressy heels)

49. jeans

50. dressier trousers

51-52. skirts

53-55. sweaters

56-59. blouses

60-63. t-shirts

64. jacket/blazer

65-70. socks/tights

71. boots

72. booklight

73. file cabinet (with my files, obviously)

74-75. purses

76-77. belts

78. tweezers

79. fingernail clippers

80. clock

81. great-great grandma’s quilt

82. suitcase

83. dresser

84. couch

85. tv

86. eyeglasses

87. lamp

88. toaster

89. microwave

90. stand mixer

91. colander

92. robe

93. swimsuit

94-95. earrings

96-97. necklaces

98. winter hat

99. scarf

100. mittens



3 thoughts on “The Minimalist Challenge

  1. Gina says:

    I think right now I have 100 items just with bags and shoes! It would be a challenge to pare down to 100 items, especially if household items like appliances, furniture count. Great topic for discussion!

  2. Shannon says:

    So, are you going to actually DO this?

    • Melissa says:

      I won’t be doing this at least while my kids are small-all the convenient things that I like having for all of us. Things like strollers and carriers and art/craft stuff to name a few. One day in the future I think it would be a good exercise for the whole family to do.

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