Product Review {Oiselle Running Shorts}


October 5, 2012 by Carin

I am supposed to be doing a post about a confession today. Instead of doing a shocking/revealing confession, I am going to confess my love for a new to me women’s running apparel Company. I love everything about the company from why they started to the clothes to their slogan. I don’t even remember where I first heard about this company that eventually led me to check out their website. I am guessing I either saw them on one of a few running blogs I read or saw a mention on twitter. Either way, I was in love with their clothes. So what is this company’s name you ask? Oiselle!! The name is French for bird and is pronounced wa-zell. They have awesome t-shirts, wonderful running tops and a variety of shorts. But what is nice is that there aren’t so many pieces that you feel overwhelmed like big name brands, but just enough to make the decision difficult because the pieces are so awesome you want them all.

Oiselle “Head up, wings out!”

I made my first purchase a few weeks ago when I decided I needed a few more pairs of running shorts. During the past month I have spent more time on twitter and noticed a lot of talk about the Oiselle Roga short. My curiosity got the best of me and I had to purchase a pair. Every tweet I read about the Roga was a rave review about the short and how women of all shapes and sizes were in love with them because they didn’t ride up like so many shorts do that eventually results in “chub rub”. If you don’t know what that means, then you probably don’t have any chub to rub!

So I had to try them out myself. I ordered the Roga short in the 4” inseam in black. They also carry a Long Roga short that has a 6” inseam, but I felt they might be too long on my short legs. I love the shorts. They don’t ride up! They have a wide waistband with a draw string, pocket on the rear of the shorts and a key size pocket on the front inside. They are comfortable and the stretch is great. My only concern, though this has nothing to do with the short but more with my comfort level is that I wish I would have ordered the Long version. The cut of the short is very comfortable, but I feel they reveal a little more leg than any of my other 4” inseam shorts which makes me feel a little self-conscious. But I think that a lot of this has to do with the fact that I usually wear compression style shorts or very loose fitting running shorts and the Roga (on me) feel like a pair of shorts that meets somewhere in the middle of those two styles.

Oiselle Roga short

The second pair of shorts I bought was the black Stride short. The shorts are a compression style short and I have 3 other pairs of compression shorts by other makers. Believe me when I say the Oiselle Stride short is by far the best I have worn. In either of my other shorts, I start runs out tugging at the legs of the shorts as they ride up until I have a sweat started to stop the shorts from moving. Not the Stride short. They stay in place from start to finish of any run and I love that. The last thing you want to mess with on a run is your running clothes, especially shorts. Remember the remark above about chub rub; yeah you want to avoid that at all costs. My one complaint, they don’t have any pockets. I knew this when I bought them, so really I can’t complain. But I love them so much that I wish they had a zipper pocket along the waistband for mid-race fuel…gel, beans, cubes, etc. Oh yeah, I need to mention the waistband. It is a wide, yoga style waistband that doesn’t cut into your midsection. It is really comfortable and not cut you in half tight like some other brands. I really love these shorts and will be adding another pair to my running wardrobe.

Oiselle Stride short

If you love running, check out Oiselle. I think you will find multiple things you will want to add to your running wardrobe. Oiselle is a great women’s running apparel company and so much more.

2 thoughts on “Product Review {Oiselle Running Shorts}

  1. reginafaura says:

    Welcome to our love for Oiselle!!

  2. Gina says:

    Now I have to buy these! I love a good workout/running short. Have to wait until 2013 though when I can buy clothes again and I won’t have a baby bump to work around 🙂

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