Confession Friday!


November 2, 2012 by Melissa

This is a great guest confession submitted to us anonymously…hope you enjoy it as much as we did! Have a great weekend everyone! Happy November!

“I don’t like my plus sized breasts!  All of my button up shirts gape and pull at the front.  I can’t shop for a bra in a department store.  I have to mail order a cup size that is a third of the way through the alphabet and has a price tag that looks like this – $$$.   I read once that breast reduction surgery has the highest satisfaction rate of any cosmetic surgery and I believe it!

That is not my confession though.  My confession is about what I DID with my plus sized boobs.  Wait – Don’t stop reading.  I promise that in keeping with the integrity of the the More Than Mamas blog, this is not an x- rated confession.

Just a bit to set the scene:  I have two small children.  One of them is nursing age.  I have in-laws who live about 4 hours north.  The car ride to visit them can be challenging.  Four hours can easily become six or more when we stop for diaper changes, bathroom breaks, lunch, nursing, and road construction.

On our last trip there we had already stopped 3 times before we even got to Forest Lake  (about 45 miles from home).  The trip home was not going well either.  We had stopped several times and everyone was tired, and cranky, and hungry.  When the baby started crying I thought of my mother in law “casually” wondering if I could just take him out and feed him with the car moving.  I didn’t do it thought.  Instead I did something much more ridiculous.  I unbelted my seat belt from where I was crammed in the back between two car seats, lifted my shirt, undid my nursing bra, leaned over the car seat, and dangled my pendulous breast to my babies mouth so he could suckle.  (I am sure that any husbands who began reading this post with a little excitement are regretting their decision.)  I threatened my husband with great bodily harm if he changed lanes in such a way that would expose my exploits to others on the freeway.  Ten miles down the road, mission was accomplished without another stop!  I would like to see any B cup beauties do that!  Ha.

So am I a little more appreciative of my big boobs?  Lets just say that if I win the lottery reduction surgery is still near the top of the list.”

2 thoughts on “Confession Friday!

  1. Jen says:

    I can relate to this. I am only 5′ 2″ and had H cups. This caused terrible back pain and I never looked forward to clothes shopping. I found it hard to breast feed and didn’t feel comfortable ever doing it in public. I felt kind of freakish. Most people thought I got implants to make them that large. One of the most frustrating things about my large chest was that I didn’t even produce much milk for my kids.
    When we did decide we were done
    having kids, I did get a reduction down to a D cup. Best thing I ever did! My back pain became non existent immediately.
    FYI- insurance will likely cover it. I never went to the doctors for my back pain so it wasn’t documented. Insurance usually uses an equation with your height, weight & body size to see if they will cover it. And you can go and get the preauthorization done and then know what isn’t covered. After insurance it only cost us about $2500. And we planned well in advance and knew what to expect.
    The best money I ever spent for a better quality of life. No more back pain and I can workout or just even clean the house knowing I won’t be crippled the next day.

    One down side, I may have gone a little over board on buying cute clothes that I can finally fit into now though. Lol

  2. thats funny! i did the same thing a time or two 🙂

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