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November 7, 2012 by Carin

We are 7 days into November and the end of the year is approaching fast, really fast!  If you are a Facebook user, I am sure you have some “friends” that are using the platform for sharing what they are thankful for this month.  I think it is something like the 30 days of thankfulness challenge and others are using Instagram to document what they are thankful for every day.    That got me thinking, wouldn’t November be a good month to start telling friends, family and complete strangers that you are thankful. Thankful being the feeling or expressing of gratitude.

How often to you hold the door open for people entering a building or if a door is held for you do you say “Thank you” loud enough for them to hear?  Or when a family member or friend calls just to say Hi, do you thank them checking in and brightening your day?  Or when your child makes you laugh when you are having a horrible day do you thank them for brightening your day when you needed it most.  For most of us, these things go by unnoticed as everyday occurrences.  But if we really think about it, we are truly thankful that someone was kind enough to hold the door, thoughtful enough to call or a child was silly enough to make you laugh.  Thank you is such an easy thing so say, so why not say it more and mean it.  Sometimes it seems the pleasantry of saying “Thank you” is a dying custom in our culture.  People are in such a hurry these days that they often forget to be polite.  Turn around to complete strangers and say thank you when they do something nice and they might in turn pass it forward.  We might just become a culture again that says “Thanks”.

If you really want to get sentimental about your thankfulness, sit down and write a quick note and send it in the mail.  You would be surprised at how meaningful a handwritten note can be.  Or if you are pressed for time, at the very simplest write an email.   Writing one note a week does not take that much time and would mean so much to the recipient and they would truly know how much you value and appreciate them, how amazingly thankful you are.  A simple gesture that lasts beyond the time it took you to write the note.

So with Thanksgiving upon us, I am creating my own challenge.  With the end of the year approaching and the holidays here before we know it, I am going to work on writing one “Thankful” letter a week to someone that I think needs to hear those two little words from me.  What better way to end the year than brightening someone’s day with a heartfelt “Thank you”.

Readers I challenge you as well to send out a “Thankful” letter each week, or if that seems daunting, send out a letter to a few people who you think need to hear it.  Complete strangers count as well.  There is plenty of sales staff, wait staff, service professions and so on that always gets missed and would so appreciate a sincere thank you.   What do you say?  Joining me?

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