One Shade of Grey

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November 16, 2012 by Carin

Sorry this post isn’t anything dirty like title might subtly suggest.  This post is about how I finally completed one of my goals for 2012.  I got my rear in gear and painted my living room and hall way.  Something I have wanted to do for a better part of a year.    I kind of had it in my head to paint it a few weekends ago, but I really wasn’t prepared.  So I got my sh*t together during the week and was ready by Friday night of the following week.  That was a win all in itself.

I recruited my sister to help me do the cutting in around the trim and my husband rolled the walls (which I suck at).  Help is the only way this job got done in 6 hours.  If I was left to do it all by myself, I would still be painting!

The room started out with a red wall and beige-y walls that were looking drab and dingy.  The curtains we had up were stained with kiddy hand prints and even a peeing accident.  The room was ready for a change and so was I.  I have been in love with grey rooms for a while now; I know I know it is a trend right now to have grey walls, cabinets, furniture and so on.  So we will just say I am on the grey bandwagon.  I picked Behr Premium Plus Ultra in Natural Grey which is a really nice neutral grey that isn’t too blue, too green or anything in-between.   It also is a light grey that doesn’t feel dark, but really lightens up the room to make it feel fresh and light.  I LOVE IT!  We have a small living room and it really opens up the room and feels so much brighter, even on a cloudy day.

The Behr Premium Plus Ultra was great to work with.  It is paint and primer all in one and it went on the walls like “butter”! I picked up 2 gallons at Home Depot.  We had at least 3/4 of a gallon left over because it covered so well and only required one coat.  I could have bought 1 gallon and a quart and had more than enough.   There are no areas of beige peeking through and the coverage is really consistent.  I would totally recommend this paint.  It is a little stinky when applying, but the smell goes away with in a few hours.   It really is a great paint.

The day after painting I headed to Cost Plus World Market and picked up some new curtains.  As mentioned above, our old curtains had seen better days.  With some good points made by my sister, I went with a darker curtain with a color print to help hide any kid hand prints and kid messiness.  While they aren’t necessarily a pattern I love, they were affordable and gave the room the POP of color I desired.

So lets take a look at some before and afters!

The “I am so over RED” red wall


I still need to do some styling of the shelves to make them a little less picture heavy and  as my sister would say add a few more “chotsky” type things to break it all up. Also I need to switch out the red lampshade to a more neutral color and get a few new throw pillows to carry the curtain colors into the room.

Our “bar” that is devoid of all bar accessories and pictures from our travels

New curtains with color!

I totally love how the room looks and feels now and so happy we took a Saturday to update a room in our home.  It was well worth the time.

What projects are you up to this weekend?  Are you itching to do some painting over the long Thanksgiving weekend?

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