The gift of giving

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November 19, 2012 by Carin

I am a little behind this morning!  I crashed hard last night while trying to read a book and woke this morning still feeling tired.  I have had a cold since Thursday which is the lovely type that causes me to randomly start coughing out of nowhere, with no warning.  And it seems that Grace has got it as well and Myles is suffering from a gross running nose.  My husband thus far is the only one who is well and that might be just because he is willing himself to stay healthy to make it through an important test today and rest of the work week.  Not that you a really needed to hear about that, but that is where I am coming from this morning.  Yeah for Mondays!

With the holiday season fast approaching, the talk of gifts has come up once or twice. Grace has been looking at the toy catalogs that accompany the Sunday papers and has decided she wants everything.   How do they not want everything, it all looks so color, fun and cool to play with.  But, we have told her that she will get a few things, but not EVERYTHING!  While having those conversations we have mentioned that we will go shopping to buy presents for little boys and girls her age.  We explain that some kid’s parents don’t have enough money buy them presents and so they would have to go without, unless we as a family help out to make their Christmas special.  She doesn’t really understand, just like she doesn’t understand that she should eat her meals because not every kid gets three good meals a day like she does.  But we try to explain as best we can.

My husband and I want our kids to grow up Thankful for what they have and knowing that others are not as fortunate.  Every circumstance is different for every family, but we have been blessed with a roof over our heads, food in our fridge and toys to play with.  We want to pass on the compassion and empathy that not everyone lives like we do.  That is a tough one because our kids can easily look around their little cosmos and see that all their friends have homes, snacks to eat during play time and toys to play with.  I realize at 3.5 and 1.5 years of age they don’t understand anything beyond their little worlds, but I believe you can’t start too early teaching them compassion.

There are several organizations that you can buy gifts for, but I want to know what your favorites are?  Please share in the comment section so I can be better informed and in the next week or so I will share those comments with our readers.  This is the season of giving, so why not give to those who don’t have the resources to give themselves?  I am hoping that if we start with Christmas, we can continue in some way throughout the year and in the long run teach our kids a thing or two about compassion, empathy and being thankful for what they do have, rather than what they don’t.

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