Craft {Sparkled Nosed Reindeer}

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December 7, 2012 by Carin

Around the holidays I like to get a little crafty, but only for about a week.  While perusing Pinterest within the past few weeks I stumbled upon a cardboard 3-D cutout of Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer.  I followed the link to this how-to on the Good Housekeeping website. This craft was easy and I had it done within a few hours and that even involved the many stops due to toddlers wanting to watch, play, sit in my lap or hold the cardboard.  I think it turned out cute and adds a playful, fun touch to our holiday decorations.  Give it a try, I bet your kids will love it!

What you need:

A cardboard box (with little to no writing on the main body of the box)  I found mine at Staples for less than $5.00


Exacto knife

red glitter glue or red paper

red ribbon


black marker

craft glue and tape (optional)

First off I printed the template out.  I used my printers poster function to get the whole template to print out.  Then I had to piece the sheets together, tape and then cut the template out.

The template taped together

The template taped together






The template cut out and ready to trace

The template cut out and ready to trace











Next, I traced it on the cardboard.  Some pieces you have to trace multiple times and the template spells that out pretty clearly.

Then I used my Exacto knife to cut out the pieces. I tried using a scissors, but it was too difficult to get into the corners of some of the cuts. I found the Exacto knife to be really easy to use for this project.

Cardboard pieces ready to make a reindeer

Cardboard pieces ready to make a reindeer

Next I glued the noses together per the instructions.  Once the two halves were somewhat dry I applied the glitter glue to the nose which I think adds a fun sparkly touch to Rudolph.   After the nose was dry, which took overnight, I put together the antlers and glued them in place.  Then added the cross bar along the back and taped that in place for stability.  I had to get creative to hang him from the wall.  I used some filament wire and a command strip to hold him in place.  You can see some of that if you are looking from the front, but what the heck, he is hanging on the wall and that is what matters!

The final product!

The final product!

This is a fun and playful project for the Holidays.  Antlers and ceramic animals busts are very popular right now and this is a low cost and easy project to do to fall in line with latest decorating craze!

Where will you be hanging your Rudolph?


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