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December 17, 2012 by Gina

I was supposed to post something on Friday and with a new baby and my husband at reserves this weekend, it just didn’t happen. I had planned to write about Christmas and counting down the days – how exciting it can be for young children! Instead, I found myself thinking about the tragic events in Newtown, Connecticut that occured on Friday.

I was so busy going about my own day on Friday and didn’t have the television, radio or even the computer on. I received a text message and later a phone call from my husband asking if I had seen what had happened. I hadn’t so I turned on the computer and quickly saw the tragedy he was referring to. I didn’t want my kids to hear anything about it so I left the television and radio off. I knew it would be all over the airwaves.

In the last few days my thoughts have often turned to the victims and the families involved in the shooting and massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School. There are no words to express the grief and devastation of everyone involved. I simply can not even imagine the terror the children, teachers and everyone at the school must have felt during the shooting. I also can’t fathom what would motivate a person to cause such harm. We will probably never understand it – it’s completely senseless.

Brian and I have commented about how sick it makes us feel. With young children of our own, we can see our own sons in those children’s faces. We all think our children and our loved ones are safe and happy and in an instant everything can change. We hug our kids and our families each day and say “see you later!” and never could think of something so horrific occuring. Brian and I hugged each other a bit tighter on Friday night after we checked on our sleeping boys. We didn’t say a word but our holding each other said all that we needed to say to each other – I hope nothing so terrible ever happens to our family, I hope our children are safe, I can’t stop thinking about those kids and their families, I love you and our kids.

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