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December 19, 2012 by Carin

be the good





A few thoughts have been tumbling around in my head the last few days while I tried to come up with this blog post, so this might seem a little scattered, but these are a few of my thoughts.

There are no words that express how any of us feel about what happened last Friday in Connecticut.  We can talk all we want about gun control, mental health issues, how it happened, why it happened and so on.  We can dwell on all of it and make ourselves sick with worry for our kids or we can do the opposite.  The world is full of a lot of unhealthy, evil people.  But the world is also full of a lot of good people.

There are more good people in this world than there are bad people, plain and simple.  Look around and you will see good people all around you.  Embrace that.  When we let ourselves get dragged down by our feelings of last Friday, we miss seeing the good all around us.  People are genuinely good and want to be good.  Yes, there are bad people and evil in the world, but that doesn’t make every stranger bad.  Be cautious and leery, question actions, but deep down I believe goodness is innate.  People aren’t born malicious, but find themselves that way through story of their life, but deep down there will be the good they were born with.

Embrace the goodness.  Be the good that you want around you.  Do kind deeds; let your actions speak louder than your words, display kindness, love and sincere goodness to your kids.  Be the good you want your kids to learn and spread while they weave their own story throughout their life. All the good we want in the world starts in our hearts and our hands.  We can change things; we just have to start now.

Yes, I might be naïve and I can’t change strangers.  But I can help shape and create the kindness in my own kids that the world needs and deserves.  That doesn’t mean that they won’t ever do anything malicious or hurtful to others, but they have a better chance of it if we start emphasizing love, kindness to our friends and strangers and helping those around us.  There is so much that can be done to make the future more full of goodness and it starts at home.  Point out goodness to your kids, display it, be the example for them.

Embrace the good in the world, because it really is a great world we live in that is full of more love and kindness than evil.  Too bad all the good takes a back seat to all the evil.   We need to hear less about the bad and more about the good.

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