Last Look Back, Then Happy New Year!


December 31, 2012 by Melissa

During these days of best of…lists and worst of…lists of 2012, it’s nice to look back and realize what an amazing year I’ve had and my family has had, despite a few difficulties.

First of all, I’ve had several friends and family members welcome gorgeous babies to their families this last year. So welcome to the world Esther, Wyatt, Silas, Ivy, Sebastian, Elinor, Tilly, Patrick, Rylan and Wyatt! You were born into incredible families and are immensely loved. It’ll be fun to see what this year brings your way.

Second, my baby girl, Alice turned one and has figured out the sleep thing. She even gets her blanket and runs to her crib when I tell her it’s bedtime…oh joy!! She is a pure pleasure to be around-funny, loud, gentle and lovey. Our sweet Alice June.

In no particular order, here are other events that I’m grateful for:

-discovering with my family the beauty and fun of our hometown and home state for our summer adventures: Landscape Arboretum, Minnehaha Falls, Stone Arch Bridge, Lake Harriet Trolley Rides, the zoos, the State Fair, Lake Lucy and Lake Alice, among other places.

-Lucy starting preschool and having teachers and friends there that she adores.

-getting to see Las Vegas with my husband of 11 years and seeing Chicago with some incredible women.

-seeing Gina start and grow her at home business and seeing Carin train for and run her 11th and 12th marathons-inspiring to say the least.

-being able to be a pallbearer for my sweet Grampa’s funeral.

-finding knee-high boots to fit my big calves.

-potty training Lucy with very few accidents.

-discovering Angry Orchards Hard Cider-I’ve missed you while pregnant.

-getting pregnant with our third little one.

-seeing my parents move into the home they were always meant to live in.

-celebrating 11 years married to my best friend and turning 35!

It’s been a wonderful year and now we are looking forward to see what 2013 brings. I’m starting a quote box for my girls so I can remember all the funny things they say or ask or do, we’re coming up with a new and expanded family bucket list for the year, and we’re thinking of getting a family pet in the next year. Most importantly, we’re hoping to welcome a healthy baby to our family this spring.

Happy New Year’s everyone! I hope you take some time to remember and smile (or cry, that’s healthy, too) your way through memories of the last year. It’s the little things, isn’t it, that make it all grand?


One thought on “Last Look Back, Then Happy New Year!

  1. Lynn Vandergriff says:

    i think you guys ought to do a book this year! such good writing. such good advice. such good insight. think about it.

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