To List or Not to List


January 4, 2013 by Carin

Happy Friday!

I have been feeling a little blah lately, probably has something to do with being cooped up with the kiddos the last month or (except for today) the general gray-ness and gloom of a Minnesota winter.  I was thinking that I was going to follow Gina’s lead and write out some goals for 2013.  But when I started to think about goals for 2013 I feel a little lost.  One, I am waiting to see what if the Hubs gets into the New York  City Marathon before I forge ahead with any big marathon plans of my own.  If he doesn’t get in, then I have a list of four or five destination races that I would like to narrow down to 1 for 2013 and then sign up for  a bunch of local races.  So my race goals feel kind of in limbo at the moment.  The kids are doing great and I have been making more of an effort to get on their level and play, create and craft with them over the last few weeks.  But otherwise nothing really is jumping out at me.

What has been on my mind the last month or so is our house.  We have a big decision to make and it has been weighing on my mind.  I have been going over the pros and cons of putting our house on the market and searching for a new house.  Our house is functioning just fine as it is, we can stay in it and be comfortable.  We are very thankful we have a roof over our heads without any major problems.  But after a while I start to dream about “Our” house.  This house we currently live in my husband bought before we were married, it was the perfect house for him then…aka Bachelor Pad.  In hindsight he would have picked a house in our same neighborhood, just a few blocks farther in.  We sit near a busy and sometimes noisy intersection, our wonderful deck sits on our alley, and we have a small back yard with a detached garage.   The plus side to the Bachelor Pad is our large for -our –neighborhood basement (once held a pool table, then the kids came along…guess where it is now!?)

I dream of the day we will find “Our” house together that has the attributes that suits our family.  I dream of a master suite with some adult space, a larger backyard, an attached garage (no more hauling groceries or kids across the yard to the house), a larger dining/eating area and something beyond a galley kitchen with actual counter/prep space and lets be real, a more open house plan and most importantly a more family friendly house site; think middle of the neighborhood surrounded by other families.  In our minds these wish items don’t require we buy a house twice as big, but at a minimum 500 sq. feet bigger.

So what is holding me back from saying “yes” to taking the plunge?  Well, we listed in the fall of 2010 and the house didn’t sell. We had an offer on another house in a great neighborhood, but we had to back out after we couldn’t sell our house.   I fear we will end up right back in that boat again.  Second, keeping the house clean with two toddlers running around so that it is ready to go for showings at a moment’s notice if it comes to that terrifies me to no end.  I already feel like I am crazy about keeping it picked up, but keeping it spic and span is another beast all together.  Third, housing inventory is really low right now, great for us selling, but not so great for buying.  What if we sell and can’t find a house?  We would probably rent, but then we have to move twice, yikes!  So now that I write it down, nothing too major, but still gives me some unrest.  Like I said, we don’t have to move, our house works just fine, but finding that home that is “Ours” is so tempting.

So, that is what has been weighing on my mind these last few weeks or month.  We are planning on talking to our realtor next week and discussing our options and what makes the most sense.  So we will see and I will let you guys know what happens.

Readers, any advice or thoughts to help a girl out?

home sweet home


One thought on “To List or Not to List

  1. I know what you mean! We live in Denver and have contacted our Realtor every year for the past three years about selling our house. Each year she checks, the numbers are so low that we aren’t even able to think about listing our house. We have two kids and have outgrown our house. Just like you, we don’t need to double the size of our house (it’s 1160 sq. ft) but add about 500 to what we have (and an extra bathroom). I have no profound advice. I just understand where you’re coming from. We will be contacting our Realtor this month to see if the numbers have gone up. Until they do, we know God has a plan for us here.

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