The great house purge!


January 7, 2013 by Carin


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Last Friday I wrote about my thoughts of listing our house for sale.  Well over the weekend I got a bug in my butt and started purging.  I haven’t made it very far yet, but I have a list of almost every room in our home and I have the goal to rid our house of at least 100 items or more.   I figure if we list, then I have purged the house and our lives of things we do not use, want or have not used in the last few years.  My actions mean less useless stuff to pack up and move now or later if it comes to that.

We have stuff in every room that has been held on to for memory sake, just because or the “we might need that sometime”.  But most of that stuff isn’t going to be used, isn’t needed and can hit the road.  I have a pile by our basement front door of 13 things so far and that was just from one storage area.  I only had an hour or so to start on the kitchen, but looking at our cupboards, we have so much glassware, liquor and cooking magazines that we haven’t touched in years that will eventually find their way out the door.  I don’t want to move it to the next house and only to have it sit in boxes.

After the kitchen, the bedrooms, bathroom and hall closet are next.  All this purging and cleaning is liberating and makes me realize how much we don’t need.  I always have an itch to buy things for our house to pretty it up.  But now I realize that it is just stuff that doesn’t mean anything.  I would rather wait years to find the perfect item while on a vacation, receive as a gift or something that is meaningful to fill that empty spot on a shelf than buy another thing that would get moved to a closet when something better comes along.  The meaningful stuff is what sticks around and has a forever home on the shelf.

I look at all my cooking magazines that I look at, make some recipes out of and then add to the stack.  It is very rare that I go back and to a single magazine to make a recipe again.  More times than not I look the recipe up online and use that which is a much easier task than looking through the magazine stack to find that one recipe.  I think a goal for this year is to add those great recipes to my Pinterest board and then pass the magazines along for other to enjoy instead of holding on to them to collect dust and take up space.   Also, we don’t have a huge book collection like a certain other author on this blog (ahem…Melissa) but I wonder to myself why I am holding onto certain books.  They were good reads and authors I like, but I don’t re-read books.  So why do I have them?  I really need to let go and pass them along for others to enjoy.

I think we are 90% sure we are going to list our house.  But just in case our Realtor comes back and says to wait or that we won’t get what we want, at least the house will be lighter for our purging efforts.

What have you purged lately?  Do you find yourself holding onto “stuff” that you don’t use, need or really want?  Take the time this month, make a plan and make your house a little lighter!

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