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January 14, 2013 by Gina

There are many roles a parent has, but one of them is certainly that of a teacher to their children. There are so many things I know that I need and want to teach my three sons throughout the years – tolerance, love, patience, right from wrong, independence, compassion, how to deal with success and failure. These are just a few of the life skills I want them to learn and I know there are many more.

My three little teachers!

My three little teachers!

But lately, I’ve been reminded of how much my three boys (3, 1 and a newborn) teach ME everyday. Here’s just a partial list of what I’ve learned from them:

  • Love is boundless – I love my husband and my family and friends but never fully realized how boundless love could be until I became a mother.  Even after having my first child, I was amazed by this and didn’t know how I could possibly love another child as much.  But I do and know that our capacity to love really is endless.
  • I can function, albeit not always really well, on very little sleep – I’ve always been a person who needed routine and getting enough sleep was part of that.  I knew I could live with little sleep.  I was in the Army for years and had many experiences of sleep deprivation.  But parenthood rivals those experiences and beats them!
  • I have forgotten so much I once learned or knew – Finn, our three-year old, is really into dinosaurs and I had forgotten all the dinosaur names and things surrounding the Mesozoic period.  That’s just one example but I know as my boys get older and I’m helping with homework that I’ll be reminded of this one constantly.
  • Patience, selflessness and consistency are sometimes difficult to put into practice – some days are better than others and testing is just part of a kids natural behavior.
  • What I do and say matters – as a mother, my boys look to me (and my husband) first for everything.  At some point in their lives this will change, but right now we are their world.  So, it’s really important that I’m mindful of how I act and what I say.
  • Spontaneity, laughter and fun are essential – it’s hard to be constantly present, whether you have children or not.  But one thing these boys have definitely taught me is that you need to have fun everyday and laugh, especially at yourself!  Just yesterday, our newborn let out a HUGE toot, and we all laughed and laughed.  It feels good to laugh and kids bring lightness to our lives.


This list really could go on and on.  I know I’ll be learning from these little guys for the rest of my life.  And I hope they learn a few things from me too!  What have your kids taught you?

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