Confession Monday


January 21, 2013 by Melissa

All right, I feel terrible about admitting this, sort of, but here goes: I’m not loving the whole thousand questions a day thrown at me by my three year old thing. I do love aspects of it: imparting knowledge, teaching her the whys of the world. Everyone knows that stereotypical exchange between parent and child and I was, I thought, prepared for it and even excited about it. It’s just that there are times when I think Lucy asks “why?” or “how come?” out of habit instead of intent. That’s when I get frustrated. “BECAUSE I JUST EXPLAINED IT ALL IN MINUTE DETAIL!” When I’m fairly certain I’ve explained it all fully, she then asks, again, why. Ugh. Weren’t you listening to me? For example, the other day, as I was buckling Lucy in to her car seat, she asked why we have to do that. Good question, right? I answered that it keeps us safe by keeping us still. Why? Again, good question, so I touched on accidents and that seatbelts keep us from getting hurt. Why? Again, by keeping us still. We don’t want to get hurt, do we? Why? Because it doesn’t feel good to get hurt. It, in fact, hurts so we want to stay safe. Why? GGRRRRrrrrrr….

She usually asks good follow up questions and great conversations have been sparked by her curiousity but there are these times when she’s tired or whatever and just talks out of impulse. It really drives me crazy and I’ve had a few times when I’ve had to apologize to her over my groans or glares. I know several Moms who get driven just as insane but aren’t with their kids all day so I feel a little better about my seemingly low level of tolerance. I just wasn’t prepared for the near constant pop quiz that my life has become. I mean, I had to try to explain the mechanics of a fuse box to her the other day. When is she going to ask why the sky is blue? I’m prepared for that one but that’s not what she wants to know, of course.

Yet another parenting expectation woefully underreported on…

One thought on “Confession Monday

  1. Our four year old’s favorite question is asking if someone is a boy or a girl. He knows the answer to it and it’s getting a little irritating! I wonder when this phase will end? But I think we’ll look back on this and laugh….someday. 🙂

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