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January 25, 2013 by Carin

Ah yes, it is Friday!  I don’t know how single parents do it day after day.  I know both Melissa and Gina do the single parent thing because of their husbands works schedules.  I just don’t know how they stay sane.  My husband has been gone since early Wednesday morning and I am beat.  He comes back tomorrow afternoon and I can’t wait to be a going at this game together.  The kids miss their dad as well, especially Grace. She has been acting out more this week and been just a bit more sad during normal activities.  Being a Daddy’s girl, she misses the special attention she gets from daddy everyday.  Thanks to face time on our iPhones, the kids at least get to say “HI” to a face on a screen instead of just a voice coming out of a box.  Never the less, having dad home will be a good addition to our everyday routine.

With my husband gone, I have been working on getting the house ready to hit the market.  There was cleaning to be done, items to be purchased and constant picking up after the little ones to do.  Pictures of the house were taken today and the house will hit  the market next week, about 7 days earlier than our original goal date!  Bring on the buyers!!

On top of all that, I has barely been above 0 degrees all week here in Minnesota.  So leaving the house involves more than just throwing a jacket on the kids and walking out the door. It has been cold, windy and down right miserable.  Happy to see the forecast includes some teens and temps above freezing.  Spring is right around the corner, right?

So, woe is me right?  That is our life this week.  I promise Monday will have something less whinny and more upbeat.

So with that I am leaving you guys with a few quotes to ponder as we head into the weekend.






Have a great weekend and we will see you guys on Monday!

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