Thank you George!

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January 28, 2013 by Carin

It has happened!  I can now take a shower or perform a quick task if it is within the viewing minutes of Curious George!  Grace has been a cartoon watcher since she was almost 2 years old and up until recently Myles wouldn’t sit still for more than a few minutes.  But during the past few weeks he will sit down with Grace and watch Curious George.  After the show is over, he loses interest in the next show is off and running, but let me tell you those 30 minutes are glorious.

Taking a shower has meant Myles as an audience, checking in every so often to see what I was doing or check to make sure I was still in the shower.  Often there was some screaming, crying or general unhappiness that made my hot shower not as enjoyable as I like.  You see, I love my morning shower.  I don’t soak like I use to, but I still enjoy a few minutes to think over the start of the day, wake up a bit more and just enjoy the warm water washing over me.  I love a good, warm shower especially during these past few weeks that have been crazy cold.

I am not a proponent of using the TV as babysitter, but giving the kids 1 hour a day to watch a show without commercials is a good reward and allows me to get a few things done without interruption.   Grace knows that if she is efficient in the morning eating breakfast, getting dressed, hair combed and socks on she will be rewarded with a show or two.  If she runs out of time because she took too long eating breakfast or couldn’t decide what to dress in, that she can watch a show after nap time if she had a good  first half of the day.  There have been several times that she lost the privilege and she was very unhappy about it.  Books and cartoons are two of her favorite things, so they are the first two things she loses when she isn’t being her best.

Myles isn’t at that point, we are just happy he will sit still for 30 minutes.  I like knowing where he is, especially during a shower.  He is so mobile and can climb everything  and knowing where he is during my shower is a reassurance.  I don’t have to worry about him getting hurt or into something he shouldn’t.  Not that our house isn’t safe, but kids get into the darndest things…like the dog’s food!

Curious George, thank you!  You have given me 30 minutes to write this post, upload the picture and complete a important task for the day.


Riding my truck and watching some George!


Do you let your kids watch TV?  Shows you like or dislike?

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