Valentine’s Day Crafts for the Not-So-Crafty

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February 8, 2013 by Melissa

Here we are again…time for valentine’s day! I never was one for valentine’s day and then I had children and became a huge sap. We craft, we make valentines, we take cute pictures in hues of purple, pink, and red to send to loved ones (see last year’s entry), you name it. This year I’m even caving and buying my girls a heart shaped box of chocolates because Lucy thought that was just the neatest thing ever when she saw them at Target. HUGE SAP.

Last year we did crayon shaving melted hearts (thank you Martha Stewart) and made yummy fudge for the big day. This year we’ve done some simpler things as Lucy wants to do everything herself and I don’t quite trust her with a hot iron, yet. One is sweet and simple: construction paper cut outs of their hands with cute things written on them to send with our valentine packages.


Some say “Hold my hand,” and some say “You’re handsome.” Carin also gave me a good idea to string two hands together for a long distance hug. Great possibilities and all I needed was my super pack of construction paper, a pencil, and a scissors.

We did another scissors cut out craft (Lucy loves her scissors) involving simple hearts, some glue, and some string.

SImple and sweet

SImple and sweet

Just red and pink construction paper, some scissors, some glue and some string. This one was good as Lucy could really help out by cutting, gluing, and threading string. I made two sizes of heart templates, traced around it onto sheets of paper and let Lucy cut.

Finally, our valentine’s day photo. Now, I’m not a professional photographer and it can get ridiculous trying to make the three year old follow my direction and keep the one year old focused on sitting still and looking at the camara. However, some of the shots are pretty sweet, in my view, as their mom.


All we had was a pink blanket, a few tutus, and a cardboard heart that we had cut and painted earlier that morning. The pics show my girls being who they are and I can’t wait to send them out with valentines next week.

Have a great weekend, everyone! See you again on Monday!!

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