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March 8, 2013 by Carin

Purple iris to brighten your day!

Purple iris to brighten your day!

Ah winter, could you please just usher spring in early?  Winter here in Minnesota is taking its sweet time turning to warmer weather.  We got another 6-12 inches of snow during the early part of this week and we are once again blanketed in a deep, soft layer of white.  Last year at this time we were experiencing 40 degree days on a regular basis and even had 70 degree temps the weekend of St. Patrick’s Day.  So it is possible to have warm weather in March and even unseasonably warm weather.  I would be happy with a few 40-50 degree days right now!

As the snow was falling this week or last, Grace declared “We need to get the garden house and spray all the snow away and it will be spring!”  If only it was that easy I told her.  Mother Nature has other plans for us and we just have to wait till she is ready for it to warm up and be spring.  Grace just wanted to see some spring flowers and enjoy some warm sunshine.  The sunshine is not so difficult to experience right now, the warm sunshine on the other hand is another story.  The one thing I could make come true was the spring flowers and I promised her that we would bring home some spring flowers.  How you ask?

On Saturday afternoon after swim lessons and afternoon naps, we ventured out to our local garden center to bring home just a little bit of spring.  We went and purchased a spring bulb garden to watch grow and bloom over the next month.  By the time the garden is done blooming, it should be close to April when the warm weather starts to fill our days and the snow is hopefully a thing of winters past.

Over the past week some of the bulbs have gone from just peeking out of the pots soil to now around 4 inches tall.  We have even been gifted some miniature purple iris and soon I think we might see some crocus.  Every day the kids check out the garden at breakfast as it sits on our kitchen table and marvel at the plants growing, excited to see what will bloom next and what color the flowers will be.  So you see bringing a little bit of spring into our home only makes the arrival of spring that much more exciting.

Need a shot of spring during this dull and dreary time of year?  Most garden centers, some grocery stores and florist carry spring bulb gardens.  They range from single variety gardens to one like we purchased that has about 5 different bulb types that will bloom over the course of about a month.  Who wouldn’t love to see some iris, crocus, tulip, hyacinth, and daffodils blooming in your home while there is still snow on the ground?  I know we will love it and our little garden will remind us what is at the end of this long winter or rather what is at the start of a new, warmer season is!


What are you doing to usher in the spring season?  Adding some new colorful pillows to the couch, going on vacation or buying a bulb garden like us?

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