A Hero for Less than $4


March 13, 2013 by Melissa

A few weeks ago at my daughter Lucy’s ballet class the teacher brought out these great rings that had ribbons in the color of the rainbow streaming off them. All the kids had a great time running around the room with the ribbons flowing behind them and Lucy has brought it up multiple times in the days since. I tried to find such things on the internet but had no luck so I thought I’d try my hand at making them. So one cold, cloudy and snowy day we got in the car and ventured off to the craft supply store for some ribbon and to see if they had anything circular to use. We had luck with the ribbon but no luck finding a ring. I know, right? All we found was floral wreath (too flimsy) and embroidery hoops (sharp edges on the clamp). After spending a whopping $3.50 on 7 spools of ribbon (ROY G BIV) we headed for home and to search for something that would work as a ring.

After a few minutes of looking, I found some wide mouth canning lids that were perfect for little hands and not sharp. If I were more motivated, I may have painted them first or covered them in cool fabric but they turned out fine as is.

I love this kind of activity-cheap and easy so if the girls aren’t enthralled, no biggy, and if they are, I’m a hero. Here’s what you need:


I know, right? Too easy to believe. I cut two yard long pieces of each color ribbon for each ring (we had more than enough and I probably can add a third piece) for the sake of prettiness and drama. I then tied each on with a loop knot done twice (pick whichever knot you know and are comfy with). Each ring took about 10 minutes to complete and here’s what they looked like when done:


When the girls woke up from their naps and I showed them what I did, I was, indeed the big hero of the day. They have been running, jumping, twirling their way through the house with these in hand, squealing in delight throughout. I had no idea they’d be so easy to entertain or impress. I underestimate them sometimes and I underestimate my own ability to find stuff to entertain them. I’m sure I can jazz these up with a wand, some tulle, a crown. We’ve even hung them from the curtain and shower rods for something pretty to look at.

Now that I’ve done this “craft” I have memories flooding back of digging through my mom’s sewing machine drawers and playing with all the ribbon and pieces of fabric. All the different colors and textures were fascinating to me, as they are to my kids. I just needed to remember the simplicity of it. That was my big lesson as a mom this week: they don’t always need the fancy toys or the iPads or the outings to wherever. Just some pretty ribbon…

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