No Eggs Allowed


March 22, 2013 by Melissa

in case you don’t know already, I have two girls with egg allergies. Lucy’s seems to be getting better as she gets older but she still gets an upset tummy with some baked goods. Alice’s issue is much more severe. She can’t have any eggs in anything. This poses issues, as you can well imagine. No pancakes, french toast, cookies, mayo, meatballs, fresh pasta, cakes, bars, even Cadbury cream eggs have egg in them. We have to be diligent and we have to say “no” a lot to the kids.

I have found several ways around this issue, however. Cornstarch thickens pudding even better than eggs (thank you, Homemade Pantry), a mix of yogurt and cider vinegar works to replace mayo some of the time, bananas and cream help in some baked goods. It’s a lot of trial and error but I am learning a lot about food and how it works and it forces me to make a lot of my own stuff. There are a few great recipes that we’ve discovered that I have to share with those of you that have similar issues in your family.

First is one we made this week to celebrate spring (despite it being in the single digits…damn you, Minnesota!). I got the base of the recipe from Giada de Laurentiis and you can see the original recipe here. You’ll notice she crumbles up meringue cookies to fold into the whipped cream but that’s all egg whites and sugar so we improvised and put in a little powdered sugar and a few marshmallows. This dessert was divine and only uses frozen strawberries. You need to try it.


A recipe for cupcakes that I found luck with is Martha Stewart’s Vegan Chocolate Cupcakes with Ganache frosting. We made these for Alice’s first birthday party and they were a hit. I might add a bit more liquid next time to ensure they stay moist for next day parties but otherwise they tasted great.

Another good recipe we’ve had is based on another one of Giada’s. She has an eggless fish stick recipe that I’ve substituted chicken for. Most chicken nugget recipes have an egg batter that you dip the chicken in but this one just uses buttermilk and breadcrumbs and parmesan cheese and tastes great. If you have kids with egg allergies, a lot of frozen chicken sticks or mozzerella sticks have egg in them so I love this recipe.

The version of Homemade Pantry’s yellow cake that is eggless and sugarless is also wonderful (and her frosting is amazing). Sorry the recipe isn’t on her website…I guess you have to get the book to get the recipe. Or maybe I’ll put it in this post later on. Sshhh. My husband, who normally doesn’t wax poetic about the food he eats, says I hit this one out of the ballpark. Yum.

So don’t despair if your little ones have issues. Thank goodness for the internet and for Food network for getting my brain going on figuring out ways to work with this issues. Do you have egg issues/allergies in your house? Do you have any favorite recipes to share with me?

One thought on “No Eggs Allowed

  1. Jody says:

    Melissa, we are new to the egg allergy game, but one discovery we’ve made is Ian’s frozen foods. They make egg-free fish sticks and chicken nuggets.

    I have not attempted any homemade baked goods yet. I appreciate you posting these recipes. I think the chocolate cupcakes sound wonderful.

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