Third Time’s a Source of Intense Anxiety?


March 25, 2013 by Melissa

I know every pregnancy is frought with anxiety and worry but, I gotta tell you, this third pregnancy has been, by far, the most worrisome for me. I don’t know what it is but I’m constantly worrying about how this little girl is doing and growing, how labor will go, if she and I will be fine. I don’t know if that now I am fully aware of all that could be lost or if I’m more aware of all the things that could go wrong.


I found myself on a particularly horrible downward spiral a few weeks ago worrying about something happening to me during or after delivery and my girls growing up without me. What gives? I remember worrying only about the pain of delivering when I was pregnant with Lucy, not these horrible hypothetical scenarios.

I know part of it is that when I was delivering Alice, her shoulders got stuck for a bit and the situation got scary fast as the room got quiet and I was told to push and not stop cause they needed to get that kid out “now.” How quickly your frame of mind can change and how fast it can go from normal to emergency. Alice popped out and all was well but that scenario sticks with me.

I find myself pleading with this child, Sally, to stay in there until she’s at least 37 weeks. I know she’d be fine with some intensive care but it all scares me. I know I’m a strong person and can overcome a lot but when it comes to my kids, I feel like a little one myself, needing someone to tell me it will all be ok, which, of course, no one can say with certainty.

Anyone have experience with this? Am I the only one?

What’s up with this?

3 thoughts on “Third Time’s a Source of Intense Anxiety?

  1. I was more worried with my fourth than with any of my others, even the twins. I couldn’t help worrying that something was wrong with him, even though his ultrasound checked out okay. I kept feeling like we had gotten lucky with three healthy boys and surely this one would have a disability or some issue to throw our family for a loop. What did happen was to me, not to him. I came down with a pretty severe case of post-partum depression after his birth. Looking back, I see the signs of my PPD in my pregnancy–the irrational worry and anxiety. I would just advise you to take good care of yourself and be aware of the signs of PPD. It’s completely treatable. I was fortunate to have good friends who recognized I wasn’t myself and intervened and convinced me to see my doctor. I caught it early and was able to recover quickly. That fourth little boy has been the complete light and joy of our family. Enjoy your new little one and take care of yourself!

  2. Gina says:

    I was the EXACT same way with our third. I felt very vulnerable and scared – knowing how risky pregnancy and delivery can be. It was the most worrisome of my three pregnancies and I felt very anxious. Thankfully everything turned out just fine but I had many of those same feelings.

  3. Sarah says:

    Im the same I fell quickly with both my boys and had health kids! Decided to try again for number 3 and bam up the duff immediately again! I was freaked out saying to my husband it can’t be si easy we can’t be so lucky! I really worried it would end and when I had more than the normal spotting that comes with implantation I went to hospital, I expected the worst they saw the egg sac but had to do internal to see baby! As soon as the screen lit up I saw the heart beating wich was amazing it turns out I wasn’t as far along as my doctor had thought and there was a second sac with no living embryo wich was a failed twin so explains the bleeding! I’m now 25 weeks and having a girl I’m not so stressed now x

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