Mother Natures Joke on Us

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April 1, 2013 by Carin

I know many of you can relate to my feelings about the weather these days.  If you are anywhere where it is suppose to be warming up, it probably isn’t at any fast rate.  Here in Minnesota we had a capital B for Beautiful Saturday afternoon.  Then we were back to windy and cooler temps on Sunday and lasting till about Wednesday.  There are some 40-50 degree days on tap for the end of the week, but nary a 60 degree in sight.

I have had it.  My kids are driving me nutso.  They need some warm weather stat so they can run around OUTSIDE without multiple layers slowing them down and I need them to be outside.  They have so much energy these days that they have taken to running from the back of the house to the front windows endlessly through the day.  Some days they are on their feet and others they are racing cars along this path.  They are having a great time and getting the excess energy out, but they have been using their outside screeching of fun screams and it is grating on my nerves.  I NEED THEM OUTSIDE!

We have done many walks through the puddles the last few weeks as the temps slowly climb near tolerable, but still cold enough that winter coats, rain boots and mittens are required.  We are trying our hardest to enjoy the “nicer” weather, but even my kids are dreaming of warm summer days where getting out the door is a matter of throwing on a pair of sandles and literally running out the door!

Today Mother Nature is playing a wonderful April Fools Day joke on us.  Today’s high is a balmy (sarcastic tone) 32 degrees, 20 degrees or so below normal!  AHHHHHH!  It is the Minnesota Twins Home opener today and thank the heavens we didn’t have tickets, a cruel, cruel joke old Mother Nature is playing on us.  It almost feels like our punishment for overly enjoying our unseasonable warm weather last year at this time which happened to range from 60-70 degrees most days.  It was heaven and a child’s delight.

I know many of you can relate and are probably thinking the same thing.  I know at this point is all about patience.  But really?  Aren’t we due for some warmer weather here soon and by soon I mean yesterday.  We all need to feel some good sunshine on our skin, put our winter coats in storage and throw on a pair of flip flops.  They time has come, we are all ready……now come on Mother Nature, the jokes up!

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