Things I Won’t Miss About Being a SAHM

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April 5, 2013 by Gina

I start my new career on Monday. I’m excited, anxious, nervous and all kinds of other emotions are running through my body and brain all at the same time.  I’m leaving my three beautiful boys and starting a full-time career and my husband is starting his new career as a stay-at-home-dad.

So on this eve on new beginnings, I’ve been reflecting about the things I won’t miss as I return to work outside the home:

  • changing poopy diapers many, many, many, many times a day
  • referreeing my almost 4 and almost 2 year old – there are so many times I find them wrestling, grabbing, hitting, kicking or yelling at each other
  • eating cold meals and drinking cold tea
  • going to the bathroom with three children and a cat in attendance
  • figuring out what the heck I’m going to make for dinner especially after forgetting to thaw anything out
  • saying “no” more often than I can possibly count in one hour, let alone a whole day
  • trying to get three children out the door to go to a playdate, doctor appointment or anything on time (although I’m really good at it now)
  • sweeping the kitchen floor about six times a day
  • picking up toys and books
  • yelling at my kids
  • coming up with some form of entertainment or engaging way to fill the hours between 6am and 6pm
  • timeouts
  • the defiance from my almost four year old
  • laundry – washing it, drying it, folding it, putting it away and then repeating 10 times
  • the noise level in my house

I’m sure there are more things I won’t miss about being a SAHM but I know there will be alot I will miss too (stay tuned for Monday’s post).  What don’t you or wouldn’t you miss if you aren’t or weren’t a SAHM?

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