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  1. Back to Work

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    April 30, 2013 by Gina

    I’ve been back to work full-time for three weeks now.  Brian has been home with the boys and we’ve already …
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  2. Back in the Saddle…the sales saddle, that is


    April 25, 2012 by Gina

    I recently became an independent sales consultant for Daisy Blue Naturals.  Daisy Blue is a company that has been in …
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  3. Work, work, work (and a bit of play)…

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    February 3, 2012 by Gina

    I’ve been working a lot more than I usually do.  In the past two weeks, I’ll have worked about 60 …
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  4. What will I be?

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    January 9, 2012 by Melissa

    This stay at home mom thing was supposed to be temporary.  I had to quit my former job as a …
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  5. Stay-At-Home-Manager


    December 19, 2011 by Melissa

    In my paid employment days, I was a manager, a good one I might add, and it really is surprising …
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