A house full of memories


April 11, 2013 by Carin

Tomorrow is our long awaited moving day.  And while it looks more like mid-February outside, it is none the less mid-April.  As the snow flies outside, my husband and I will be finishing up our packing  and I will be thinking about the memories we will be leaving behind.  We are very excited to create memories in our new home, but some related to our current home hold special significance in my heart. So I am going to share a few with you guys today.

This is the home that I convinced my then boyfriend to paint the interior of.  It had awful salmon-pink sponge painted walls in the kitchen and living room and the bedroom had a purple-silver-green sponge paint scheme going on.  We spent an entire weekend painting and I learned how men don’t notice their surroundings, or care like women do.  This is the home that we have lived together in since just before we got married and if walls could talk, they would have some fun stories.  We have grown as a couple and as parents in this house. We found out we were going to be parents in the house.  I can remember the exact placement of the couch and where Brian was sitting the first time I told him I was pregnant with Grace.  We laughed and cried right there together with excitement and fear for what our future held. And I remember where I was when the stick read “pregnant” and being shocked that I was pregnant with Myles.

We brought our children home from the hospital in this house and as babies they used the same bedroom, slept in the same crib that first night home and it was decorated the same gender neutral way because we didn’t know the sex of either beforehand.  I spent many hours breastfeeding Grace by the front windows so I could watch the world go by and feel the spring breeze on my face as she ate. Our kids rolled and took their first steps in the carpeted basement.  Just last summer Grace rode her first two-wheel bike (with training wheels) down the sidewalk in front of our house, beaming with pride and joy as she learned to master her new bike.  We have spent countless hours on a blanket in the backyard reading books and being silly during the summers.  The kids have run through the sprinkler, greeted many neighbors from the deck,screamed at the top of their lunges to Bob across the street. Carter our dog has hung is head out the rails of the deck to greet everyone who passed by and created a name for himself that way.  He has made many friends being the excited dog with his head hanging out.  This home as been their world.

We have dreamed and schemed in this home.  We have laughed, cried, been joyful, heartbroken and hopeful here in this house. It has been our safe haven and landing pad for of our family for almost 7 years (My husband 10).  This is the place we have returned to at the end of long working days, tiring but fun trips and lets not forget, this is the home that has been the “finish line” for many sweaty training runs.  This house has been the one place where we feel comforted from the world outside. We have loved this home.  We will miss it and our neighbors.

But we know after some time our new house will hold special memories for us as individuals and as a family. We look forward to our adventure, but know that we are leaving behind some special memories.

Do you have a home from your past that holds special memories?


One thought on “A house full of memories

  1. We’ve lived in our home for 7 1/2 years. Next spring we will sell our home and move to a new one as we’ve outgrown our current home. I’ve already begun to think of all the memories we have in this house. We had both children here and remember exactly where we set our son that first night home. So many memories. Even though our house will change, the memories will not. Still, it makes me a little sad to know that we will be leaving this home. Good luck with your move and make many new memories in your home.

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