Confession Tuesday {11.12.13}

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November 12, 2013 by Melissa

Holy crap where have we been? Well, we’ve been figuring out our new role as main breadwinner (Gina), setting up a new home (Carin), and I’ve been maneuvering through my new life as a mother of three instead of two. We decided to take a break from blogging to give ourselves a break and, also, to see if this blog was as we wanted it or if we wanted to change it up. We’re by no means done thinking and figuring out but I’ve been itching to write again so here I am. I’ve missed you.

I have a confession today to start easing myself back in to writing. Here it is:

I’ve been using entirely too many disposable plates, bowls, flatware, and napkins these last few weeks. I’m a fairly environmentally conscious person but my husband has been having to travel for work lately and, in a moment of desperation, I pulled these paper plates and plastic flatware out of the cupboard to get me through one week. Now, part of me feels justified as I felt out of control for a while trying to keep up with the girls and the house while sleep deprived (still night nursing my 6 month old, Sally-she’s underweight, blah, blah, blah, another post for another day) however, what sort of example am I setting for the kids? Only do something you feel is important until it’s too hard? That question is solely cerebral, however. In my heart I feel okay with it. Not having so many dishes to do calmed my mind and my soul. I did what I had to do for sanity’s sake. So what’s the bigger confession? That I added to the already immense garbage heaps on the planet or that I don’t care?

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