Some New Favorites

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April 12, 2013 by Melissa

Happy Friday! Today sees Carin moving into her new home and Gina ending her first week of employment outside the home. I thought I’d keep it light today and talk about a few of my new favorite things:

1. Paper lanterns as nursery decorations. I saw things like this on Pinterest and thought how fantastic they looked-minimal, colorful, cheery. It’s what I’ll be doing in Sally’s room.

2. Sister Carrie by Theodore Driesel. I’d never read this and picked it up between library books when I needed to read something before bed the other night. I’m loving it. If you loved Tess of the D’Urbervilles or Madame Bovary or Portrait of a Lady, read this one.

3. Watermelon. I’m normally a very concious shopper-trying to buy in season and local when I can but the other day Lucy asked if we could get a 1/4 watermelon when we were at the store and I thought it would do us all good (it’s April 12 and snowing right now outside…we need spring) so I bought it. I can’t get enough. It was delicious and I’m planning on buying more tomorrow. Don’t tell on me.

4. Fairy gardens. Lucy and I are planning one for a container and I can’t wait to get started on it. It’s adorable and magical-perfect for our almost 4 year old daughter.

5. Mad Men and Game of Thrones-they’ve sucked me in, completely and totally and are now out with new seasons.

6. Sebastian Joe’s Kare 11 Sunrise Ice Cream. Dude. It has candied lemon peel and white oreos and for some damn reason, it’s amazing. If you live in the Twin Cities metro area, go get yourself a scoop.

7. Trading easy dinner recipes with girlfriends. We all have a few recipes in our rotation that are quick, easy, and delicious so a few friends and I are sharing them with each other. We should do desserts next…I’ve been perfecting a crostata with store bought pie dough.

8. Nature Treasure Bag. My girls and I take lots of walks and they always seem to find things they think are beautiful and want to keep so we started bringing along a bag to put the stuff in. There are rocks, sticks, stalks of wheat, dried grass, a flower stem, a leaf and other treasures in there. When we can’t go outside, it’s fun for them to dig through that. We are dreaming of spring in this house. Anyone know where it is?

9. Things I Liked About Today. I started doing this version of paying gratitude for our day with Lucy. I ask her what her favorite things about our day are and she does the same with me. It’s awesome. I love hearing what she comes up with and I love being forced to look back at the day with a smile as she heads off to bed.

So what are your current favorite things? Any books, recipes, products to recommend?

Have a great weekend everyone!


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